Atlanta Believe Tour – Justin Bieber

Atlanta Believe Tour - Justin Bieber

August 10 2013 – The cutest meet and greet picture I have with him 🙂 I love it. Awkward story – I was last in line for the meet and greet and I looked through the curtain and saw him laughing and smile. I had a panic attack. In person I’d never seen him that happy. I stopped breathing and almost fainted. SO EMBARRASSING. When I walked in I said holy shit and he said holy shit to you to haha. Then I told him how I’m homeschooled and I was bullied really bad. Justin said to keep my head up because I’m beautiful and worth everything. He makes me so happy(:


Pattie Mallette’s Book Signing

Pattie Mallette's Book Signing

August 9 2013 – My picture with Justin Bieber’s mom at her book signing. She is so sweet. I told her about how I paid for meet and greets & they turned out to be fake, and she gave me meet and greets for free. A lot of people at the meet and greet were saying that we look alike.